Saturday, January 29, 2005

UN Report Concludes Darfur is Not Genocide

A UN commission has concluded that the violence and killings in Darfur do not rise to level of genocide. The report is not yet publicly available. It is unclear what effect this report will have on the battle over whether to refer the Darfur actions to the International Criminal Court. So far, it looks like the U.S. is not taking Jack Goldsmith's advice to support a referral to the ICC. I tend to agree with Peggy that the problem in Darfur needs action more than more reports from the UN. But I can't help pointing out that in this case, the U.S. is the actor pushing for action, the U.S. is the one that has concluded genocide is occuring, and the U.N. is the primary obstacle to more aggressive action. This is not always the case, but it certainly appears to be the case here.