Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Vanderbilt International Law Roundtable Jan. 28-29

Larry Helfer and Allison Danner are hosting an International Law Roundtable this weekend, January 28-29, at Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville. Here's the schedule:

Friday January 28, 2005

8:30-9:40 am Paper author: David Luban (Georgetown)
Paper title: Liberalism and the Unpleasant Question of Torture
Commentator: David Sloss (St. Louis)

9: 45-10:55 am Paper author: Rosa Brooks (Virginia)
Paper title: Failed States, or the State as Failure?
Commentator: Allison Danner

11:15-12:25 pm Paper author: Judith Kelley (Duke)
Paper title: The Role of Material and Non-Material Factors in State Behavior: Article 98 Agreements as
a Quasi-Experiment
Commentator: Madeline Morris (Duke)

1:30-2:40 pm Paper author: William Aceves (Cal Western)
Paper title: Predicting Chaos? Strategic Planning in International Human Rights
Commentator: Greg Fox (Wayne State)

3:00-4:10 pm Paper author: Leila Sadat (Washington University)
Paper title: Exile, Amnesty and International Law
Commentator: David Wippman (Cornell)

Saturday January 29, 2004

8:30-9:40 am Paper author: Beth Simmons (Harvard)
Paper title: Theorizing Treaty Commitments
Commentator: Larry Helfer (Vanderbilt)

9: 45-10:55 am Paper author: Allison Danner (Vanderbilt)
Paper title: Prosecuting War and Terrorism: Lessons from the Tokyo Tribunal
Commentator: Bill Bradford (Indiana)

11:15-12:25 pm Paper author: Laura Dickinson (Connecticut)
Paper title: Privatizing the International: International Law and the Problem of Accountability in an Era of Governmental Contracts
Commentator: Mark Drumbl (Washington & Lee)


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