Wednesday, June 01, 2005

While Waiting for the Tally of the Dutch Vote...

... on the EU Constitution, check out the discussion over at Transatlantic Assembly on the French vote and the state of the EU.


Le Monde reports a 63% "No" vote by the Dutch. The number will likely be adjusted slightly in the next hour or two as all the results are counted.


Anonymous Josh Millan said...

I posted this comment over at Captain's Quarters but would seem to be more relevant on this site:

Some EU members have joined the U.S. in Iraq in addition to Asian and Middle Eastern allies, an a la carte approach to multilateral foreign policy. A goal of the EU is to create a Common Foreign Security Policy that retains localized military defense but by the name of it connotes a purpose that will keep member states 'in line' when it comes to deployment of expeditionary forces. The nature of the WoT and of sovereign perceptions of threats seems to keep the CFSP from fully manifesting itself.

How will this affect U.S. foreign policy as we try to maintain the lionized Atlantic Alliance while admittedly we are fostering and relying on multilateral cooperation in Asia and Middle East more and more?

6/01/2005 9:25 PM  

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