Friday, November 18, 2005

More on the Pew Poll: U.N.'s Favorability Rating Keeps Falling

Thanks to Roger for pointing out this interesting poll. Here's another tidbit. The U.N.'s favorability rating among the general public continues to fall rather dramatically and pretty widely among all demographic groups, even as public support for the war in Iraq continues toi fall. Here is an excerpt from the report's section on the U.N.

The public's view of the United Nations has soured since March, continuing a slide that has been relatively steady over the last few years. In March, 59% held a favorable opinion of the U.N.; today just under half (48%) have a positive view. The decline has been steepest among groups that had been some of the U.N.'s strongest supporters, including Democrats (now at 58% favorable, down 17 points since March), blacks (49%, down 20 points), and those with household incomes below $20,000 (48%, down 19 points).

Of course, this doesn't reveal whether the fall in support is due to the U.N.'s internal problems or its failure to more effectively constrain the U.S., or some other problem. But still, this is an interesting and potentially important trend.


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