Monday, January 02, 2006

International Law Bestsellers

If you go to Amazon and do a seach for "international law" and sort by "bestselling" you can quickly get a sense of what the public is buying in the field of international law. It appears the rankings change dramatically from day-to-day, (and the ranking function does not work perfectly) so this is just a snapshot. Without filtering for books that appear to be slightly off-topic, here are the twenty-five top selling books that prominently reference international law (with sales rank):

1. Law School Confidential (Robert Miller) (#2,473)
2. Fundamental Perspectives in International Law (William Slomanson) (#10,481)
3. Understanding International Conflicts (Joseph Nye) (#12,842)
4. How to Get Into Law School (Susan Estrich) (#15,396)
5. Akehurst's Modern Introduction to International Law (Peter Malanczuk) (#17,724)
6. Business Law (Robert Emerson) (#22,255)
7. Careers in International Affairs (Maria Carland, et. al.) (#22,633)
8. International Criminal Law (Antonio Cassesse) (#23,364)
9. How to Adopt Internationally (Jean Nelson-Erichsen) (#23,755)
10. Political Theory and International Relations (Charles Beitz) (#24,223)
11. International Financial Management (Cheol Eun, et. al.) (#24,342)
12. International Law (Malcolm Shaw) (#28,952)
13. Gigalaw Guide to Internet Law (Doug Isenberg) (#32,248)
14. International Law: Norms, Actors Process (Jeff Dunoff, et. al.) (#35,141)
15. Law, Business and Society (Tony McAdams) (#37,283)
16. International Law in the 21st Century (Christopher Joyner) (#43,691)
17. An Introduction to International Law (Mark Janis) (#43,941)
18. Work Worldwide: International Career Strategies (Nancy Mueller) (#60,863)
19. Law and Moral Action in World Politics (Cecilia Lynch) (#61,489)
20. Indigenous Peoples in International Law (James Anaya) (#62,559)
21. International Human Rights in Context (Henry Steiner) (#66,023)
22. International Law (Mark Janis) (#80,014)
23. International Law Cases and Materials (Lori Damrosch, et. al.) (#82,948)
24. Foundations of International Law and Politics (Oona Hathaway, et. al.) (#94,428)
25. Sales Law: Domestic and International (Clayton Gillette) (#96,244)


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