Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Blog: The International Economic Law and Policy Blog

Joel Trachtman of the Fletcher School and Petros Mavroidis of Columbia Law School have started the International Economc Law and Policy Blog. The opening salvo of posts have touched on topics ranging from the trade in caviar and the protection of endangered species, to the governance of cyberspace, to World Bank conditionality and sovereignty, to the judgeing style of the WTO Appellate Body. A great start to what will surely be a great resource. Welcome to the blogosphere!


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September 21 announced the latest issue of FIFA international charts, Spain and the Netherlands, Germany and Uruguay in the final four occupy, this and last year's World Cup in South Africa eventually ranking perfectly. After the World Cup problems continued good performance, won the copa America this summer in Argentina, and the top three World Cup natural was opened, October 11,, the euro 2012 qualifiers MingJin ended, the three teams show the most excellent. Spain eight wins, Germany ten wins, the Netherlands in the first nine games get 27 points, just in the last round of it doesn't matter to Sweden, send a best group opponents second promotion opportunities.

The top three so crazy performance, let they undoubtedly become the hot favourite to win euro next year, although the European championship and league-nine qualifiers to top their group, there are eight was European champions, the traditional "European 7 strong" only in Portugal to the play-offs--but competitive state and the team are all in the quality of the Spanish peak, the Netherlands, Germany, apparently less likely to be champions to slip.

Spain: time together

Even from euro 2008 and 2010 World Cup, no doubt, this is to Spain's history of flourishing unique moment, more make the matador legion of fans rejoice, this a dynasty is not the curtain call signs, with a lot of genius of reserves and not after carved tactical system, they still win euro next year is the first big popular.

The euro qualifier against Scotland in the Czech republic, no longer scenery and three-point banker Lithuania, Liechtenstein to a team to through for a Spanish speaking such as TanNangQuWu, matador legion eight wins, into 26 goals conceeded 6, at the wheel beat Scotland for itself and other significance, they like to take this opportunity to get 14 game winning streak, tied to keep record of France and the Netherlands.

Friendly defeat by Argentina, Portugal and Italy, issued the warning signal to Spain, remind the defending champions not standing still. Qualifying for a Spanish speaking, it is the best time of training. National team has from the Barcelona, real Madrid two divide the main places, become Barcelona monopoly situation, so coach del del bosque transplant Barcelona tactical system is understandable, whether on defense pique-carles puyol partner, or the midfielder iniesta Harvey booth g-the combination of watts, or the forward line pedro-villa two wings, verify the Barcelona player's dominant position, such as alonso, David silva, fernando torres such top footballing terms also can become a supporting role, and the tactics is Barcelona short passing system become the foundation stone, other tactical become option B.

History has become Spain wins most of the coach del bosque, also like josep guardiola has never stopped as the pace of innovation, josep guardiola wore it for Barcelona try "343" the formation, del bosque in international grinding "no center" tactics, and the Scottish game 42 feet continuous passing the goals will bring become a classic, and play "false center" role David silva also like Barcelona as Lionel messi no defense, full of damage. Of course, the Spanish "side combined with" traditional also not gonna be abandoned and the gas such winger, slightly more than gray, and Aaron in such high center has become a tactical optional may.

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