Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Transitional Justice Forum

There’s a relatively new blog out there that I think Opinio Juris readers will find interesting and full of insight: The Transitional Justice Forum. The bloggers at TJF cover all sorts of topics on democratic transitions, post-conflict management, international criminal law, and other related areas. TJF’s bloggers are an impressive group including, among others, Mark Drumbl, Christopher Le Mon, William Schabas, and Ruti Teitel. Recent posts have spanned topics including the problems of the Iraqi special tribunal, conflict resolution in Uganda, why East Timor doesn’t want a tribunal, and Morocco’s truth commission. They also have links to full-text versions of transitional justice articles.

For anyone interested staying informed on democratization, post-conflict reconstruction, or transitional justice, TJF is a site you will want to check out regularly.

(Belated) Welcome to the blogosphere!


Blogger helena said...

Thanks, Chris! Jonathan Edelstein and I, who started TJF, have been in the blogosphere for many years already. It was our earlier interactions on his blog and mine that led us to found TJF as a place where those kinds of extremely productive discussions between a lawyer interested in politics (Jonathan) and a global-affairs specialist interested in law (me) could become broader, more generalized, and more widely available.

I think most of us over at TJF believe that "international criminal justice" issues are far too important for the wellbeing of the peoples of the world to be left solely to the whims and professional deformations of lawyers! What we have there is a very multi-disciplinary and multi-textured conversation.

So it would be great to have folks from your blog come over and participate. Actually, our contributions are a bit heavy on the non-lawyer side right now, so that would make you doubly welcome!

2/11/2006 10:05 AM  
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